Welcome to Convent Girls’ High School

Convent Girls’ High School was founded in 1911 and is recognized by the Government of Maharashtra. Run by the Franciscan Hospitaller Sisters of the Immaculate Conception, the school is open primarily for catholic students. However non-catholic students are also admitted.

Here we aim at the integral and personal formation of the students by giving them an education which is morally, physically and mentally sound. Besides catering to the scholastic needs of our students we attach great importance to physical training, sports,games and other co-curricular activities. The Eco-club of the school promotes care and concern for the environment. Through such programmes and competitions children display their talents and are helped to discover their potential.


Welcome to our New Website

We are pleased to welcome you to our new website. This website is an illustration of how a school website will look like and it provides content and information which you can use to create your own website. Please feel free to navigate the website and see how it...

Sports Competition

Sport or sports are all forms of usually competitive physical activity or games which,through casual or organized participation, aim to use, maintain or improve physical ability and skills while providing enjoyment to participants, and in some cases, entertainment for...

Fancy Dress Competition

Every school has its own fancy dress competitions. What better to show case talent than by showing the best of the dresses via the website and the...

School Picnic

School Picnics are meant to be fun, but they can also be an interesting learning experience. Instead of the usual picnic spots such as a park or lake, we decided to visit a school for villagers. The conditions for the children was tough with no proper benches or...

Clean Up Drive

Environmental consciousness is key for our children to learn. They are the future and will inherit what we leave behind. Educating them at an early stage on the benefits of the 3R’s : Reduce, recycle and Reuse could help reduce the carbon footprint. A visit to a...

Investiture Ceremony

on the 15th of March the newly appointed heads were sworn into position in an investiture ceremony .

Inauguration of new services

Intellischools inaugurated a new portfolio of services across its range including homework, messages, circulars, timetables etc. For information visit http://intellischools.org

Congregation Founder

Maria Clara, a face of tenderness and mercy of God